The power of information

24 Jun

Learning I had cancer was a very difficult piece of information to internalize, but I kept reminding myself that nothing had really changed…it’s just that I actually knew the diagnosis now.  My symptoms hadn’t increased or worsened upon learning I had cancer; I don’t all of a sudden look frail, weak and balding. In actuality it’s something that I’ve probably had for a while and now just found out about it.  I continue to remind myself of this and not let the new found information control me.  I’m no sicker today than the day before receiving the phone call – it’s just that I am now armed with a diagnosis…as well as a game plan!

To continue reinforcing and ingraining this point in my head, I am insisting on leading as normal of a life as possible.  So last weekend when Nick suggested we go golfing, I was the first to volunteer to be his caddy!  What most of you probably don’t know is that caddying was my very first foray into the workplace.  My friend Anna and I were hired as caddies at the Golden Valley Country Club when we were just 13 years old.  My first (and only) client was the former CEO of Dayton-Hudson’s department stores.  An older man in his late 70s, he did nothing but compliment the job I was doing and reminisce about his favorite poet with whose name I shared – Emily Dickinson.  I didn’t remain a caddy long simply because I never developed the passion for the game like others did.  In my mind, it required too much patience, too much etiquette, wasn’t fast-moving, and wasn’t a contact sport.  Others have a different opinion.  If you ask Nick, he’ll tell you it’s the perfect thing to do while drinking and smoking and walking around on expensive real estate!

(Sidenote: Yes, it was 112 degrees on this day however Nick insists that golfers with true respect for the game will always wear pants – never shorts.  I, on the other hand, saw this as a multi-tasking opportunity to work on my tan and managed to get away with a miniskirt and tube top!)


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