Three words

24 Jun

Last week I received the type of news that one often hears about yet never thinks it might happen to them.  YOU HAVE CANCER.  Rectal cancer to be exact.  As tough as the news was to digest (haha) it was just as hard to communicate it to family and friends.  My fiancé Nick and I live in Las Vegas, while the majority of our family resides in the Midwest.  Knowing how helpless my parents must have felt when haring the news was just as difficult to deal with.  Of course As my news traveled fast through the family grapevine, I could immediately feel everyone’s thoughts and prayers pouring in.


One Response to “Three words”

  1. Bobetta VanderPloeg July 6, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Chet & I had such a fun time with you at Jessie’s graduation in NYC. We
    already felt like we knew you before that visit because your Aunt Carol
    talked of you from the time you and Jessie were little. Whenever she spoke of
    you it was always with a smile.
    Since hearing of your bout with cancer I am saying daily prayers for you.
    I hope your chemotherapy and radiation period goes quickly; who knows,
    maybe all of us could get together again and walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Chet & Bobetta

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