Romance a la Petri dish

30 Jun

After eight days on fertility drugs and pre-natal meds, Dr. Daneshmand informed us that my eggs were ready to be retrieved…two days ahead of schedule in fact.  As a proud mother-to-be-in-who-knows-how-many-years, I couldn’t help but be proud of my over-achieving eggs…two days early!  The extraction itself was a quick procedure and took no more than fifteen minutes.  I was put under light anesthesia (similar to the twilight drug used during the colonoscopy).

We had the option of freezing eggs or embryos.  While freezing eggs was a cheaper option, freezing embryos had a higher pregnancy success rate thus we opted to freeze embryos.  In total, I had fifteen mature eggs extracted from me during the retrieval.  After Nick’s supplied his contribution a total of ten of those eggs were successfully joined with sperm to create embryos using this high-tech contraption here:

Does this mean you’re going to have ten kids? You ask.  Not quite.  In several years we’ll take the next step and unfreeze the embryos.  When it comes to implantation, we are given the option of implanting one or two embryos at a time.  Implanting two embryos does give someone the chance of twins, but also increase the overall likelihood that even one will take.  Of course the other embryos remain frozen until (or if) we decide to become pregnant again.  Success isn’t guaranteed on the first try, thus having a team of batters on deck will come in handy!

Although this entire process consisted of almost daily doctors appointments and countless injections, we feel so fortunate to even have had this as an option – as many don’t even get the chance to or discover their illness too late in the game.  I can’t help myself from thinking sometimes…what if getting cancer and making the decision to freeze embryos like this resulted in the birth of a brainchild that actually ended up curing cancer?!  We have a lot of time/money invested into this process, I’m allowed to have high expectations…right?!


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