Looong week

4 Jul

This week was a very difficult week which consisted of a lot of firsts, including my first overnight hospital stay.  This past Sunday I found myself in a second consecutive day of pain and bloating, along with some physical symptoms such as a protruding stomach and enlarged breasts (note: not once have I complained about the latter of these symptoms).  Actually, I looked about four months pregnant to be exact…and I even had started a slight waddle!  I knew my body – which had previously been accustomed to nothing stronger than vitamin supplements and Aleve – had been through a lot lately.  I phoned the on-call doctor at the cancer clinic I was planning on starting treatment with and upon their suggestion went to the emergency room.  Four hours and some x-rays and CT scans later, it became apparent that I would be staying the night.  My acute pain was being caused by the fact that I was ‘backed up’, an estimated eight to ten days worth to be exact…eww. Due to the location of the tumor, waste was having a hard time passing through.  Just the news I wanted to hear.  To ensure this wouldn’t happen, I had adjusted my already high-fiber diet to include more fiber however according to the doctors this was like adding additional concrete to a botched construction site.  I spent the next two days on an inordinate amount of laxatives, enemas and pain killers.  After a colonoscopy on Tuesday and then again on Friday the construction site was finally clear and I mentally vowed I would remain on a liquid diet forever…this thought was soon followed by a Belgium waffle – do you know how difficult it is to only drink the clear liquids required for the entire day for the pre-procedure preparation?!

I must mention I was so grateful to have family here to get me through this.  Nick was out of town when all this began so Jane and her amazing boyfriend D.J. took the first shift of staying with me in the hospital.  At one point several years ago. Jane considered going into nursing and I now wonder why she didn’t, she was amazing and keeping all of my nurses and doctors organized and on schedule!  Bill and my girlfriend Jaime also took shifts until Nick returned from a work trip.

Looking back, this was the most painful thing I have ever experienced and I hope it never happens again.  According to the doctors, the sooner I start chemo and radiation, the size of the tumor will instantly begin to reduce, in turn reducing the chances of this ever happening again.  I am scheduled to begin treatment on Wednesday and it couldn’t come fast enough…I am ready to get this thing over. Bring it on!


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