Just what the doctor ordered

5 Jul

This past Fourth of July weekend marked the last weekend before my chemo and radiation treatment begins on Wednesday.  Originally Nick and I had plans to attend my college friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara (Congrats Brynn & Dan!), however this trip was canceled when the C-bomb was dropped and treatment was initially slated to start last week.  Anyways, I was super excited when I received news that my cousin Jessie and her boyfriend Dante were coming to visit for the weekend!

For those who don’t know Jessie, we were born just two days apart and grew up spending a few weeks each summer together when she would visit from California with her parents, Carol and Norb. Our nicknames were Rough and Ready!  We share countless childhood memories together and I managed to rustle up an old photo that depicts this quite well.

Jessie and Emily discover the joy of shaving cream!

Jess and I have remained very close throughout the years and she is now an anesthesiologist in Chicago. With the abundance of doctors visits I’ve had lately, she has been an incredible resource to confide in an get a layman’s explanation when things get a bit technical.

The weekend flew by and we had a blast shopping, dining, spending time poolside and taking in some fireworks out at Lake Las Vegas.  Overall, it was the perfect prescription to conclude a stressful week; not to mention I felt uber safe being in the constant company of not one but two doctors (Dante is also an anesthesiologist).  Thanks Jess and Dante for an amazing weekend – we enjoyed having you!

Jane, D.J., Em, Nick, Dante and Jessie

On a final note, I just wanted to wish my mom a happy birthday.  She, like others around me, has been an amazing pillar of strength throughout this entire process and I am incredibly thankful for that!  Love you Mom…


2 Responses to “Just what the doctor ordered”

  1. Toni Ihrke July 6, 2010 at 8:29 am #

    My dear Emily – Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers morning, noon, and night. Your strength and tenacity will get you through this “bump in the road”.

    You are my inspiration, my pillar of strength, and I love you so very much. Love, Mom


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    […] our favorite doctors – my cousin Jessie and her boyfriend Dante.  We had a blast when they visited last summer, and I couldn’t think of a better way to de-stress on my last weekend before surgery than […]

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