Wedding shenanigans and other preocupations

9 Aug

Once again the blog posts have been a little slow lately; thank you to all who have called/emailed/texted to make sure I was alright because of this!  Truth be told, I have been keeping very busy with wedding planning.  I think the average bride-to-be would freak out upon learning of a cancer diagnosis less than three months before the wedding date, and I did allow myself a moment to cave – but only for a moment.  From the very beginning of the wedding planning process, I vowed I would not get wrapped up and consumed in the unnecessary details that some people do.  And since the word cancer entered our hourly vocabulary, I’ve made the decision to view the diagnosis as a blessing in disguise.  There is a bigger picture at stake here – a lifetime of love, life and happiness (cue cheesy music), and if Aunt Susie’s dinner napkin is folded to the right and Uncle Homer’s is folded to the left, I will have no problem letting this slide!  And now with the whole beat-cancer game added to the mix, it has been even easier to let things like this slide.  I find it so fascinating how battling cancer can really help align one’s priorities.  And while I always thought my priorities were in a rational, grounded order, I’ve probably made a few minor rearrangements!

As for an overall health update, I resumed radiation last week after taking the week prior off.  Chemotherapy has continued on a weekly basis and I had my sixth and what was supposed to be final chemo appointment today.  My oncologist, however, made the decision to extend one of the chemotherapy drugs an additional week to coincide with the extended radiation time line.  Since I have been keeping with the chemo therapy as planned, I am experiencing the height of the side effects.  New ones to enter the game include increased neuropathy in the hands and hot flashes.  When I first learned that hot flashes were a potential side effect, I couldn’t even fathom what this sensation would feel like.  I am the type of person that is always cold – I wear cashmere sweaters throughout a Las Vegas summer, sit in front of a space heater year-round, and have an average body temperature of 97 degrees.  The flashes began late last week and they are not very fun, especially considering it is summer in the desert!  I’ve learned to combat them by using cold wash cloths and eating bowls of ice cream (which triggers another side effect).  Needless to say, I feel well-prepared for menopause and can finally sympathize with those that are also experiencing this side effect.  Additionally, the fatigue has been steadily increasing, especially the day immediately following chemo treatments.  For the past three weeks, I have worked from home the day following chemo treatment due to the fact that my white blood cell counts take a beating with each round of chemo.  Then, as the week continues to progress, I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger…until the following Monday when we start the process all over again.

Lastly, in order to balance the hectic wedding planning schedule and increasing side effects, I’ve managed to keep the entertainment level high.  This past weekend, my dear friend from college Mollie visited me along with her dad, Larry.  Hands down, Mollie wins the award for the person that has visited the most over our time living in Vegas.  While she and her family happen to be very fond of the town, they are always beyond generous when they come visit and this time is no different.  On Friday evening, Nick and I were treated to a delectable dinner with Mollie and Larry followed by amazing seats at the Garth Brooks concert!  I was by no means the biggest country fan in the small, intimate theater that night, but his genuine talent, humility and undeniable entertainment value far exceeded our expectations. For two and a half straight hours I managed to forget I had cancer, and that was a priceless feeling…not to mention some of the best medicine one could ask for at this stage of the game.  Thank you Mollie and Larry for wonderful time!!

Em and Mollie enjoy a much-needed night out and catching up!


One Response to “Wedding shenanigans and other preocupations”

  1. Rita Hartert August 10, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Hi, Em…we so appreciate your updates regarding your health, treatment, and of course, the wedding plans. You certainly are on the downhill with the dr. visits. Love, Aunt Rita

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