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Surgery delays and the origin of fanny packs

25 Sep

So it dawned on me after receiving several Get Well cards and a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I had failed to post some important updates – whoops.  Three days before leaving for our honeymoon, I went in to see my colo-rectal surgeon for the pre-op.  The plan was to leave for our vacation on a Sunday, return on Thursday, have a PET scan on Friday, and go under the knife on the following Monday (Sept. 20).  Well all that changed when my surgeon asked when I had finished my radiation treatments. After informing her of the date (August 23rd – a date I will not forget), she informed me that we needed to wait 8-10 weeks after the radiation ended before she could operate.  Operating any sooner would make for a more complicated procedure because the radiation is still working and my body hasn’t finished healing, thus there is still a lot of scar tissue.  Hmmmm, I wish she would have remembered the 8-10 week rule when we were scheduling my surgery the first time around.  I’m just hoping she is better in the operating room  than she is at managing her appointment book!

Bringing the fanny pack back!

Oh well.  The new surgery date is set for Wednesday, November 3rd.  My surgeon also decided that I will have a colostomy as well.  Fantastic.  She explained that there is a 10-15% chance for leakage to occur once the new rectum is made (and the tumor region has been removed).  Diverting the excretion function into a colostomy bag prevents this leakage and gives the new rectum time to heal and be accepted by the body as an organ.  So I have a new task at hand: how can I make colostomy bags fashionable this fall season?  I’m going to have my new “purse” for 4-6 weeks.   Fortunately for me, the fanny pack has been sighted on runways and is making a comeback!  We’ll this is one fashion trend I will definitely be embracing, albeit I won’t be toting the typical cargo of wallets, a camera and lip gloss…mine will truly be a fanny pack!  Come to think of it, I’ll bet this is where “fanny packs” got their name!

Meet the Akerberg’s

11 Sep

Well, we made it!  Nick and I officially tied the knot last weekend – Sunday, September 5th, 2010…a day that was almost nine years in the making!  The occasion was nothing short of amazing and it flew by with the blink of an eye.  Looking back upon first learning of my diagnosis, we briefly entertained the idea of pushing back the wedding date, however I quickly dismissed this notion.  Having something to look forward to and strive towards was so important in my opinion, and I’m so glad we opted to keep everything on schedule as planned.

The Akerbergs

The new family

The wedding party

Bridal bouquet that held a subtle reminder

I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who made this day possible.  There were a lot of people behind the scenes that contributed to this event, and Nick and I are so grateful for all those that lent a hand in every which way!

Tomorrow we leave for Cabo San Lucas for our very first vacation together…cannot wait.  I am determined to make sure we continue this vacation thing on an annual basis (at minimum) and never go this long again without the necessary R&R.

Bon Voyage…