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The story of Dick and Jane…or something like that

21 Aug

So imagine this…Amazing girl meets incredible boy. They fall in love and graduate from college. When deciding where to move to, the boy suggests they go to a far away town, where his parents have a second home; they can start a life here.  Girl agrees.  Coincidentally, the girl’s brother and sister also live in this far away town. A few weeks after moving to the town, the sister gets some bad news. She has cancer. The next fourteen months are the hardest she would ever know. But the amazing girl is by her sister ‘s side every step of the way. She entertains her at chemo appointments, helps her in and out of hospital beds, refashions her wardrobe to accommodate an ostomy bag, and watches as she slowly regains her strength.  One day, the girl has an epiphany. True to her very nature, she decides she wants to do something to contribute to the world and make it a better place. She knows she has to go back to school so she can become a teacher. The amazing girl and the incredible boy move back to the far away place that they came from so she can pursue this dream.

I know you’re thinking this sounds just like one of those Dick and Jane tales you used to read.  But it’s not…it’s actually the story of Em and Jane.  Today my sister Jane and her boyfriend D.J. moved from Las Vegas back to Portland where she’ll begin a program to obtain a Master’s in Montessori Education.  While I am extremely proud of her, it was so hard to watch her go.  I can’t help but think it was no coincidence that she arrived in town just weeks before my diagnosis…I think she was brought here by the cancer angels.  And now that she’s moving on, maybe that means this battle is almost over?  We will know soon.

This past week I finished the last of three chemo treatments.  Unlike the past few rounds of chemotherapy, the particular drug I received this time – Avastin – has no debilitating side effects.  After Labor Day, I go in for another PET scan to evaluate the progress and determine next steps.  Fingers crossed the scan is clean and shows no remaining lesions.

While this particular chapter of Em and Jane has come to an end, I anxiously await what the future chapters will hold!