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Meet me in St. Louis

22 Nov

The 'lesser photographed' side of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Ta-Da, I’m back!  This phrase happens to be the personal credo of a dear friend, and I found it quite appropriate in this case after a long hiatus from the blog. I ended the last update indicating we were in the process getting second and third opinions regarding the next steps for dealing with the growing cancer throughout my liver and lungs.  In addition to doing just this, we’ve also made some big moves. Literally. After working out a telecommuting arrangement with my office, we packed up our house and officially relocated to St. Louis.  This was a plan that had been in the works for a while, and with the latest rounds of scans detailing my health was not yet stable, we recognized the importance of being closer to family in order to deal with the challenges this next set of treatments was about to bring us.  For those of you who may not know, Nick’s family resides in St. Louis and we also have an established network of friends, colleagues and resources here.  While we wanted to consider moving back to Minneapolis where many of my family and friends reside, the sheer idea of the cold, long winters froze that thought right in its place and we haven’t revisited it since!

After a whirlwind packing episode, two friends from college – Joe and Jenny – flew out from Michigan to help us make the drive.  Before we know it, we were on the road with a tightly packed 26′ U-Haul truck, my car, four rotating drivers and two Siberian Husky co-pilots.  Twenty-six hours and 1,610 miles later we arrived at our quaint little rental home in St. Louis. (For anyone that’s interested in our new address, I’ve added a Contact tab at the top of the site.) We are now ready to face that which lies ahead of us: the next (and hopefully final) round in this fight against cancer.  Although strong and optimistic, we’ve prepared ourselves for this to be one of the toughest battles yet. Stay tuned for a series of updates that will bring you up to speed on our current cancer-fighting progress…

Sir Isaac Newton once said ‘What goes up must come down.’  In the case of the Akerberg’s, however, they who move westward, must eventually come back.

March, 2003: Em and Nick move from St. Louis to San Diego

October, 2011: Em and Nick move from Las Vegas to St. Louis